Is our oldest dog – first and best King Charles Cavalier. He is sweet and mellow boy who just loves to snuggle with his people. He is getting a little deaf now but true to his name he loves to find a patch of sun to snooze in.

Is our second Cavalier – he is a lover – unlike Sunny who prefers his people – Charlie loves everybody equally. He just wants all of the attention all of the time and will do just about anything for a belly rub. He also loves it when we sing to him, sometimes he even joins in.

Is our princess puppy – she is half the size of the other cavaliers but pretty much rules the roost. She loves to tell the other dogs off if they get to close to her food or her favorite toy, the frisbee. She loves to play and cries if you don’t pay special attention to her the second you get home or wake up in the morning.

Is our Chorkie – Chihuahua and Yorkie mix. She is a sweet girl that loves to play fetch. Every morning she rolls around on the rug stretching and grunting – we call her the pretzel puppy since she appears to have no spine. She barks at everything that moves and is terrified of thunderstorms and scary movies LOL

Is our newest rescue – he is a Boston Terrier that really needed a home so we took him in. He is such a handsome boy and is loving having a family of his own. He quickly settled in with the other dogs and loves all the attention. When not snuggling he can be found running madly around the yard or house with one of the squeaker toys.