We currently have 14 chickens – one Barred Rock named Lily – one Rhode Island Red/ Buff Orpington mix called Cleo, one Leghorn named Foghorn, of course, a Delaware, two Black Sex Links, five Buff Orpington’s and three others that we think might be Cornish game hens…

This is our first time raising chickens so it has been quite the learning experience. The eggs are much better than anything you can buy in a store – so rich and delicious!

Our hens get to truly free range in a large, grassy yard and forage for bugs and weeds to their hearts content. We built the chicken coop ourselves and so far we seem to have done a good job of making it raccoon proof. Right now we are getting an average of 9 eggs a day – the Cornish hens are the slackers….

We do plan to add some Silkies in the future since they are so funny looking and some Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers for blue eggs, perhaps some Copper Maran’s since they apparently lay chocolate colored eggs.