We have always been big animal lovers and enjoy spending time with all of them – animals have no ulterior motives they just want your love, attention and leadership and will repay that back a 100 times over. Need to lower your stress level? -  hang out with dogs or horses or watch some “chicken TV” The antics they get up to are sure to put a smile on your face

We have two beautiful horses for trail riding, 5 small dogs, 14 chickens and one barn cat. We are thinking about adding ducks and geese next, we also considered goats but so far we haven’t taken the plunge :)

Of course in addition to the “official residents” we have all sorts of wildlife that shows up on a regular basis. We get a ton of deer in the yard, bald eagles, sand hill cranes, gopher tortoises, raccoons, snakes…. you name it!  Never a dull moment on the ranch