Our names are Eric & Shelley – we relocated to Florida from Seattle fairly recently with kids, horses and dogs in tow.

Last year we finally realized our dream of buying a place with acreage.  I have always longed to have my horse on my own property,  Eric has always wanted to plant a big kitchen garden, and we both wanted to be able to walk out and pick fruit from trees in the yard and get eggs from our own chickens. The goal was simple to be more self sustaining, slow down and enjoy the simple things in life on five acres in the sunshine.

I have worked in the design field for over 20 years, twelve of those in the video game industry as designer and creative director and continue to work as a CX Design director today.

Eric started a new career as a small business owner, transforming concrete outdoor spaces across central Florida, after 20 years as a UPS driver back in Seattle.

This is our story – new to Florida, new to backyard farming, land management etc – but having fun figuring it all out as we go :)